PBSB Seminar Series

Spring 2018 Schedule
  • All Seminars will be held at 4:00 pm in Weill Auditorium (1300 York Ave. Rm C-200) unless otherwise noted
  • 5:00 pm "Students Only" session is mandatory for 1st and 2nd year students. This will also be held in Weill Auditorium (1300 York Ave., Room C-200) unless otherwise noted
  • Refreshments will be served at 3:45 pm
Wednesday, January 10, 2018 Aurelie Edwards, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Boston University
Emerging Concepts of Distal Nephron Function: A Joint Experimental and Modeling Approach
Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Peter N. Devreotes, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Department of Cell Biology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Gerd Blobel, MD-Ph.D.
Frank E. Weise III Chair of Pediatrics
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Perelman School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania
Long Range Chromatin Contacts: Mechanisms and Therapeutic Applications
Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Sin Urban, Ph.D.
Professor of Molecular Biology & Genetics
Johns Hopkins University
Life in the Membrane: The Story of Rhomboid Proteolysis
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 Vasanthi Jayaraman, Ph.D.
Professor and McGovern Scholar
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of Texas Health Science Center
Conformational Landscape of Glutamate Receptors
Wednesday, April 11, 2018 Donald Hilgemann, Ph.D.
Roy & Christine Sturgis Chair in Biomedical Research
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Massive Membrane Expansion and Endocytosis w/o Involvement of Classical Trafficking Mechanisms
Wednesday, May 2, 2018 Matthew J. Lazarra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Departments of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
University of Virginia
Location: A-950
Applications of Mechanistic and Data-driven Models to Problems in Cell Signaling
Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Eve Marder, Ph.D.
Victor and Gwendolyn Beinfield Professor of Neuroscience
Brandeis University
Resilience of Neuronal Networks to Perturbation: Homeostasis, Neuromodulation and Degeneracy

If you have any questions about the PBSB seminars or would like information about scheduling a future seminar, please contact our Seminar Coordinator Ashley Daugherty at asd2005@med.cornell.edu or 212-746-6360